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May 6, 2011

Sony Corporation Tries To Buy Goodwill

Okay, now this is getting kind of funny.  Turns out that Sony thinks it can get back in everyone's good books by offering every PS3 owner a 30 day membership to Playstation Plus, and give out some free entertainment downloads.  Oh, and if you're American (which is lovely for them, but really puts it's foot up the ass of the rest of us) you'll also get a special year-long security insurance policy in case the information stolen is indeed used to nefarious ends by the hackers that took it.

So my question is this:  What the fuck about the rest of us?  The public in general is fully aware that at least 1/4 of the people affected by this little security fiasco are NOT US CITIZENS!  In fact, it was been widely publicized both in my blog and across news outlets globally, that a lot of the 25 million additional accounts that were discovered in the second hack were from Europe!  We've even gone so far as to name countries!  So how exactly does this insurance of only the American users help the rest of us if our bank account balances or credit ratings suddenly change wildly overnight?

And I also have to ask exactly what the hell Sony, and Chief Executive Howard Stringer in particular, think giving people a 30 day membership is going to do when compared to the fact that our identities have the potential to be stolen globally?  How does this little buy-off compare to giving out our addresses, full names and birthdates, which as anyone out of high school will tell you is enough to create an entirely new version of a person and screw up their life for good?

Sony, get ready to catch the hardball which is the multinational lawsuit, coming soon to a Superior courthouse near you!  How's that for a free entertainment download?

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