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May 4, 2011

The Sony Lawsuits Commence

As of yesterday, a minimum $1 Billion lawsuit was filed in Toronto on behalf of the more than 1 million Canadian Playstation and Qriocity members, as a result of the information stolen by the two hacks that have occurred in Sony Corporation's databases in the past two weeks.  One the courts have certified the lawsuit, if Sony doesn't settle this immediately, the case will go to court.  Last time I checked, the courts don't take too kindly to a corporation which gathers personal data witht he reassurance that the information will be kept extremely safe and secure, and then goes and screws up their own security measures and allows the information out into the public domain.

The fact that a lot of people are currently glossing over is that not only did the hackers get to the credit card and debit card information, but sine they also have a huge number of addresses, birthdates, full names and e-mail addresses, the chances of full-blown identity thefts on a worldwide scale is quite possible.  Worrying about one credit card or one bank account is worrisome; worrying that your entire life could be systematically destroyed by someone else's use of your entire identity is devastating.  Take it from someone who is living with a person whose very own sister has done this to her, saddling her with thousands of dollars in debts she never accrued, and destroying her chances of ever owning property, a vehicle, securing a loan, anything financial whatsoever, until her sister is brought to justice.  And this is with knowing where the bitch lives!  Imagine where your information is, right now, pick a country...and good luck with stopping the injustice that Sony's lack of security has brought to us all.

As of yet, there is no information on how to join this lawsuit, and of course I'm speaking solely to the Canadian lawsuit.  There is a US lawsuit in the works as well, and when information about joining either of them comes my way, as well as other international suits which are likely going to follow, I will post any and all contact information right here in one handy source.  It may span multiple posts, but that's the best I can do to keep everyone abreast of the progress being made.

Personally, I'm so sick of Sony's bullshit at this point that I doubt I'll even remotely consider buying another system from them in the future.  We're currently using the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player more than a game system anyway, and since dedicated Blu-Ray players can be bought for as little as $100 at Wal-Mart (yes, I know, with zero features, blah blah blah), I can rest assured that at least with them I don't have to worry about getting personal information stolen while I'm watching Harry Potter.

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