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May 10, 2011

Sony Trying To Get Back Online

That's the current word, straight from the Washington Post.  It appears Sony is going to attempt to get the network back up and running by the end of May.  Since the damn thing's been down since April 20th, that means an entire month plus of wasted money for anyone who was playing DC Universe Online, including yours truly.

And since they noticed unusual activity on April 19th, didn't shut down the service for an entire day, and then took until the 26th to admit that they fucked up royally, I have to say I'm fairly pissed off here.

I've already posted information on the Canadian lawsuit applying for class action status, and here's the US lawsuit info:  It was filed by Kristopher Johns, and is also seeking class action status.  Given the situation, I expect both lawsuits will be granted said status, and then we can all hop aboard the "What The Fuck Were You Thinking" train.

And if Sony really thinks that a couple of free movies and 30 days of free Playstation Plus is going to mollify 100 million subscribers...well, it's up to each and every one of us to disavow their notion of what is just.  Last time I checked, I was already a Playstation Plus member, and I buy movies, I don't rent them.  Sorry, Sony, you're going to have to do a hell of a lot better for me to remain a customer.  Start backing up that money truck; just because you haven't 'noticed' anyone using the information that was stolen 'so far' does not mean it won't be used, nor that it hasn't been used already and your company is just too 'useless' to see it.

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