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April 25, 2011

Playstation Network Still Down

You bet your ass I'm jumping on this bandwagon.

So, I'm one of the 70 million people who have been wondering exactly why I haven't been able to get online with my PS3 for five days - that's right, five freaking days, including a holiday weekend!  At first i thought it was my internet cable, but that checked out, then I got my wife to check their website for a tech support phone number, and we both got the same news (she saw a ticker on the site, I got a recorded message after dialing) that it was in fact that the PSN was down 'for maintenance.'

Well, I thought that was fishy, that a site so linked to a gaming console wouldn't have send out news that a major maintenance disconnect was scheduled.  After all, Microsoft always tells gamers when X-Box Live is going to be down for clean-up.  So, I speculated about why the site was down, especially for so long, especially on a long weekend.  And you know what?  Turns out the speculation was right...

The Playstation Network, vaunted repository of games, videos, music and Home, was hacked.

Now, a lot of people wouldn't think this is a big deal, but I personally have an enormous fucking problem with this:  The PS3, unlike the 360, requires the majority of it's purchases be done directly by credit card.  The 360 only expects that for memberships and digital purchase of full titles that were originally disc-based, and even those two things can still be done by entering coded cards instead of credit card digits.  So, since the PSN has now proven itself vulnerable, how willing are YOU to put your credit info online with them?

Sorry to all the PS3 fanboys out there, but once again the 360 comes out on top.  It's been out longer, has a richer online presence and, oh yeah, HASN'T BEEN HACKED!!!

Now, move back the couch, I got some KINECT to play...

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