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April 26, 2011

PSN Down "Indefinitely"

So, today there's more news about the Playstation Network.  Well, one could call it news, or one could call it what the consumer expects from a system that screwed people over initially with the price, then a second time with a lack of system-selling games.

As of this morning, the Playstation Network is expected to be offline "indefinitely" while they fix the problem experienced when they were hacked last week.

Okay, so here's what is actually going on:  Now that they know their system is completely vulnerable to online attack, they've decided to rebuild the entire damn thing from the ground up.  What does that mean to the average consumer?  It means that at the very least a minor aspect of owning a PS3 has been removed...at most, all multiplayer functionality for each and every game that goes online is no longer available.  According to the Sony website itself, here, consumers can't play games, access the store, or sign into the network in any way.

Now here's what it REALLY means:  Anyone who paid for a Playstation Plus membership is getting screwed, anyone subscribing to the DC Universe Online MMORPG is getting screwed (I'm hit personally by both of these), and anyone who plays games multiplayer over single player (C.O.D. anyone?) is screwed.  Oh, and don't forget that your credit card information can't be spoken for either, as Sony isn't saying shit about that in particular.

If anyone harbours any doubts whatsoever regarding whether the PS3 is the lesser of the three systems, now would be the time to realize the truth.  The 360 hasn't been hacked and has better gaming titles for a system priced more reasonably, and the Wii II is being shown at this year's E3.  What will Sony do for E3?  Well, if I worked for them I'd have one big suggestion:  Apology City...

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